The Antlers

The Antlers was first played back in 1933 through until 2010 when it was last competed for – being won by Messrs M.A. Booker & R. E. T. Rea – who spent their formative years here at Royal Mid-Surrey and won The Antlers a total of six times.

The format has not varied since 1933, comprising of a testing 36-holes scratch foursomes event always played over the JH Taylor Course, where a generation ago it was deemed the final opportunity for the Walker Cup captain to try out prospective foursomes pairings ahead of the event itself – The list of winners on the link below contains some notable golfing names. 

In 2011, the Club undertook to introduce 18 new USGA greens across the JH Taylor Course, and it was decided to put The Antlers on hold until championship level playing surfaces could be guaranteed. The JH Taylor Course now offers greens to be proud of – firm, fast, true and free-draining. Having achieved this, Royal Mid-Surrey is proud to announce that as of 2019, the Club will once again be hosting The Antlers.

The Club recognises that the golfing commitments of elite amateur golfers have changed irrevocably over the years, and as such although the 36-hole scratch format of The Antlers will remain unchanged, some of those golfers who might formerly have played will no longer be able to make such a commitment.

Royal Mid-Surrey is looking to invite a select field of male, female and mixed golfing partnerships to come and enjoy all the delights that Royal Mid-Surrey has to offer, providing a competitive yet sociable occasion for like-minded golfers.

 2019 saw the re-launch of The Antlers with the event taking place on Sunday 20th June. 

Past Winners