Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club

New Rules of Golf – 1st January 2019 

Since the 1st January 2019 the new Rules of Golf became effective. Anyone who has not yet collected a copy can do so from reception. For those of you that have not had a chance to read up on the new rules here are a few of the key changes:

12 Must Know Rules for 2019

1. Drop from knee height (NOT shoulder height)

2. Measure the area to drop in with the longest club in your bag (except a putter)

3. Drop in and play from the relief area

4. Time to search – three minutes (NOT five minutes)

5. No penalty for a double hit – it only counts as one stroke

6. No penalty if your ball hits you or your equipment accidentally after a stroke

7. No penalty if your ball strikes the flagstick when you have chosen to leave it in the hole

8. Spike mark and other shoe damage on the putting green can be repaired

9. Ball accidentally moved on putting green – no penalty and replace

10. In bunkers you can move loose impediments

11. In bunkers you cannot touch the sand with your club in the area right in front of or right behind your ball, during your backswing or in taking practice swings

12. Unplayable ball in bunker – extra option to drop outside the bunker for two penalty strokes.

Becoming a Rules Guru

Week One: Dropping Procedure 

Week Two: Penalty Area

Week Three: Bunkers

Week Four: Putting Greens

Week Five:  Ball Moving on the Putting Green

Week Six: Pace of Play

Week Seven: Ball Moved During Search 

Week Eight: Replacing the Ball

Week Nine: Substitution of Ball

Week Ten: Role of your Caddie

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