Performance Studio

The Performance Studio

A state-of-the-art custom fit studio full of the latest technology and equipment from golf’s leading manufacturers. Benefit from the honest and trusted advice from qualified PGA club fitters with the aide of cutting edge launch monitors and software. Be safe in the knowledge that you commit to clubs that are made to measure at very competitive prices. The result is the ultimate custom fit experience with value to match.


TrackMan is our chosen indoor launch monitor system. It measures 26 impact pieces of ball and club head data to display the shot’s actual 3D trajectory in real time. It pinpoints the landing position within accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. TrackMan software enables us to analyse the data concisely and conclude findings with confidence.

Mizuno DNA Shaft Optimizer

In just three swings Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer measures five critical aspects of your swing to determine your unique swing DNA. Your information is entered into Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer software which then recommends a shaft with performance characteristics perfectly matched to your individual swing.


GASP are the industry leaders in providing a golf swing analysis system that includes high speed multi camera recording and playback. With enhanced video and drawing features, our PGA coaches are able to provide instant visual feedback for accelerated learning and improvement. With the GASP app we are able to take this teaching tool outdoors and send videos for pupils to review their lessons in their home, office or on the move.

For more information about the Performance Studio and how it can assist your own game please contact the Royal Mid-Surrey Professional Shop:

Telephone: 020 8940 1894

Email: proshop@matthewpaget.co.uk