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pam barton course

About The Course

Set amidst the beautiful Old Deer Park, the elegant Pam Barton (previously referred to as the Inner) Course, designed by J. H. Taylor provides a true test of golf in picturesque park land surroundings.

Although shorter in length than the JH Taylor Course, don’t let the lack of distance mislead you, it is just as challenging with cleverly designed holes and smooth, quick undulating greens to negotiate.

Named after one of the greatest women amateur golfers of all time, to quote from Peter Ryde’s book Characters and Kings: The Making of Royal Mid-Surrey ‘Pam Barton’s golfing career was meteoric – sudden in its beginning, brilliant in its passage, leaving an afterglow when it disappeared’.

Today the Pam Barton Course is home to The Mothers and Daughters Open Competition, a unique event in the amateur ladies golfing calendar where Mothers and Daughters of all ages travel from across Britain to come and play in this prestigious event.

Hole by Hole Guide

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