Junior golf Academy

Achieved Golf Mark status in 2013

In September 2014 we launched our Junior Golf Academy and it has been growing from strength to strength ever since.

The Academy forms a clear pathway to learn to play golf, make new friends and provides great opportunities to gain experience on the golf course, learn about rules and etiquette and assists in becoming Junior members of the Club.

There are 3 levels depending on your golfing ability.  You can arrange to come along for a free assessment and one of our fully qualified PGA Professionals will let you know which level to start at.

LEVEL 1 - Juniors who are just beginning or taking up golf for the first time. These pupils will come for weekly lessons to learn the various techniques for each part of the game. This will take place on SATURDAY AFTERNOONS at 2pm. Ages 6 and over with each lesson lasting 2 hours containing plenty of games, skills challenges and simulated golf course play.

LEVEL 2 - Juniors who have accumulated some experience and knowledge of rules and etiquette. They may have completed some coaching sessions and have an idea of the basics They will come for lessons both at the practice facilities and supervised time on the golf course. This takes place on SATURDAY AFTERNOONS from 4pm and lasts two hours.

LEVEL 3  - These Juniors have course experience under their belts and are deemed responsible enough to play on the golf course. Such candidates are prospective Junior members working to obtain a junior handicap. Lessons will take place on SUNDAY AFTERNOONS from 2pm and have two hours of supervised coaching on and off the golf course.

2014 Autumn Term Charges

16 week term starting Sept 6th & 7th  to the Dec 20th  & 21st  – 2 hours per session
£200 for the Autumn Term = £6.25 per hour
Or if you cannot sign up for the whole term then individual 2 hour sessions are £15

For more information about Junior Academy Membership please contact the Royal Mid-Surrey Professional Shop:

Telephone: 020 8940 1894

Email: proshop@matthewpaget.co.uk