Distant Membership

Reside 150+ miles away

If you live beyond a radius of 150 miles from Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club within Great Britain or abroad and you do not have a business or residential address within this radius then you can apply for Distant Membership of the Club.

Distant members are entitled to the same benefits of the Club and courses as full members, except the opportunity to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Club (unless you have been a full member of the club for more than 10 years and have changed membership category). 

Distant members are required to follow the same membership application process as full Ordinary members:


To become a distant member you must have the following handicap:

24c CONGU handicap or less – Men

35c CONGU handicap or less - Ladies

If you do not have a handicap within these parameters then we offer a temporary membership option to assist you to gain a handicap at this level.


You will also need to have a proposer and seconder in support of your membership application.  If you do not know anyone at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club then we offer a temporary membership option, to give you the opportunity to meet members and participate in events, thus assisting you in finding sponsors for your application.

2021 Charges:

Capital Notes: £1900

Annual Subscription: £910

Contact: Simon Fowler - Membership Manager
Phone: 020 8940 1894
Email:   membership@rmsgc.co.uk