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Our Junior Golf Academy goes from strength to strength and forms a clear pathway to learn to play golf and make new friends. Juniors, from the age of five to 12, gain experience on the course, learn about rules and etiquette and are helped to become junior members of the club. Our emphasis is on playing, learning key skills, playing more golf, recording more scores and ultimately having more fun.

There are three levels depending on your golfing ability and experience. You can arrange to come along for a free assessment and one of our fully qualified PGA professionals will let you know which level is best for you to start with.


RM-S level 1 and 2

These pupils will come for weekly lessons to learn the various techniques for each part of the game. This will take place on Saturday afternoons at either 12 noon 1pm or 3pm. Each lesson will last one hour containing plenty of games, skills challenges and simulated golf course play. Everything will be covered throughout the term, including technique for all parts of the game, rules and etiquette. There is a big emphasis on playing golf and keeping a score to measure pupils’ progress and be able to share it with the parents.

6 Week Term – £90

RM-S level 3

These juniors are in the more advanced stage of our academy programme and have the most experience. Lessons take place on Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 3pm. Like the levels one and two, there will be plenty of games, skill challenges and technique-based work in the sessions but with more of an emphasis on preparing the juniors for junior membership and playing well enough to earn a handicap.

6 Week Term – £90

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