Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club
Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club
Next Steps after The Junior Section

Upon reaching the age of 18, a junior member would ordinarily cease to be a junior member. If he or she wishes to remain in the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club, there are a number of membership options available to him or her. These options have been designed especially to ensure that the cost of remaining in the club is not prohibitively expensive for young men and young ladies.

Approximately 2 months before his or her 18th birthday, the junior member will receive a letter from the club setting out the options available and asking them to make a choice, and of course one of the options is simply to let their membership lapse. A copy of this letter will also be sent to their parents. If you do not receive a letter by one month before your 18th, please contact the office.

By far and away the most popular choice for those emerging out of the top of the junior section is to progress to the Associate Membership category. Assuming a favourable reference is forthcoming from the Junior Organiser, or another member of the Junior Management Committee, and the Junior has an appropriate CONGU handicap, then all that is involved is to attend a brief formal interview with either the Club Captain (for boys) or the Lady Captain (for girls).

As soon as once a junior advises the office of his or her wish to progress to Associate Member, the office will arrange the interviews.

The subscription related to the new membership category will be payable only from the following April.

If you have any questions about the options available or about the Associate Membership category, you can find out more from The Secretary, from the Assistant Secretary or from the Junior Organiser.

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